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January 8, 1932, Friday

R[oxas] & O[osmeña] had an early breakfast conference with Switzer (?) today.

Davies gave his luncheon in honor of Mission at the Patio of the Ritz Carlton.  Present in addition to our crowd were Sec. Hurly, Gen. Win…(?) Gen Parker[1], Sec. McIntyre, Sen. Pittman[2], Fred Harris? and Mayor Ashbridge? – all men.

Davies told me his wife was worse than ever in health.  It means he is resigning.

[1] Homer Cling Parker (Sept 25,1885-Une 22, 1946) U.S. Representative from Georgia, Democrat

[2] Key Denson Pittman (Sept 19,1872-Nov 10, 1940)  was a US Senator (Democrat) from Nevada, became chairman of the Committee on Foreign Relations.