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Sat., Nov. 9, 1935

Up at 5:00 in the top, & the sunrise was worth it. Double rainbow aft, with a bit of the outer arc on the Panay Mts. They were a misty green, sky over them a misty orange, & the sea a deep purple. Guimaras again, after 29 years. We anchored at 7:30. Iloilo waterfront all changed. Guimaras just the same — pretty coast line with little bays, good beaches, palms & shacks. Limestone cliffs & Caulaon sticking up over them. (Where are the 12″ Inf. now? Dead — Bubb, Foster, Wood, Harbeson, Wright, Clinton, Hutton, Jordan, Childs, White, Falls, Aloe, Davis, Pardee, Hoist, Shields, Etc. Fired — Scott, Hamilton, etc. Retired — Wickham, Fuller, Meals, Hodges?, Diller, Harrell, R. Smith, Adams, Cochen, Bower’?, etc. Left — A. T. Smith, Brabson, Keck, Hooper, Stilwell, Phinney. What a scattering —) — Went ashore at 11:00 & walked around Iloilo. Many changes, of course, — new buildings, air-field, etc. Found “Hoskyn’s” — there since 1877. Couldn’t find old comandancia where officers lived. Went out to “Asilo de Molo” to get pina; all sold out — Said they just couldn’t keep it. Got on a prahn & sailed over to Buena Vista. Skipper was Rufino Guzman, about 14. (Boat came out from Augusta to take me off.) At B.V. got a bus (there are three) for Supang & Nabalas. Recognized most of it. Many new shacks, schools, etc. The post 1s almost unrecognizable — coconut trees all over it. Recognized general locations. End of road just beyond post. Came back & walked around, saw some concrete foundations, and came back to Buena Vista, stopping at Davis’ house — ex-eng. soldier, — runs a lime factory. He worked with Wells building Jossman. Another ex-soldier named Clark lives up there. The road is going to hell rapidly. Nobody wants independence. The bus was a sketch — from wheels splayed out & a big hole in one tire, radiator leaking, etc. But she went. Rufino brought me back to Iloilo on the outrigger of his “moonlight” — and I gave him 70 centavos. Bright kid. Walked back & got postals, then came out to the ship. Beautiful weather, clear, with strong breeze from east (N.E.) Same feeling on the straits as back in 1904. Had a fine day, altogether. Cochen had been by, looking the place over. Davis says Wells is coming. The town at the south end of the island is Cordan. Supang is now all over the post. A repeat movie.