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Sat., Nov. 16, 1935

Joe discovers he is on guard. Mucho boom-boom. — Helpless standing around. I wrapped up their junk, took Mira to town, mailed their G.D. gong, went to the Home Shoppe, got flowers, took them to B.J.’s, said good-bye to Mrs. B.J., got skags & came back. *** — Usual good-bye at noon. Saw a lot of people. Seals, Kutz, Kelly (Col), Knox, B.J., Porter, Reuth, Hoge, & a lot more whose names I didn’t know. Took a nap, & woke up outside Corregidor. Strong breeze, spray coming over the bow. Typhoon in near vicinity. Stonewall Jackson on board. Also J. Grier. Met Miss Dern. Mira turned out for dinner but didn’t stay. — We have our private table with Reyes as waiter. He asked for Benny & the family — Johnny also, Nance principally. My room-boy also. All interested.