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February 4, 1936

Talk with A. D. Williams over the immense chromium fields in Zambales and prospects for a market not yet available. Also about the Leyte asphalt fields and the possible building of a plant to refine and manufacture the products.

In the afternoon, we gave our tea dance. About 100 hand-picked people came–three quarters of them were Americans or English–it went with a bang from the beginning and Doria was a charming hostess. The party kept up until midnight. Doria very happy over her success. I had a conversation there with Don Isauro Gabaldon who expressed unfeigned enthusiasm over the success of Quezon’s Government. He said the President was daily gaining ground in the provinces. He recalled that many years ago I had told him that when Quezon matured, he would be a great statesman, and that I had made a good prophecy.

Quezon enjoyed himself at our party and later he and I with Felicia Howell and Mrs. Gardiner played bridge. Quezon and I won two rubbers against two of the best women players in Manila!