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December 7, 1941

Sunday, December 7th, a few of us go up to the polo field at Stotsenberg where General Wainwright is going to be a spectator at a polo game between teams, one representing the Manila Polo Club and the other the 26th Cavalry Filipino Scouts commanded by Colonel Pierce.

The day is particularly peaceful and calm and we enjoy the polo game although a little wry at the fact that the 26th got beaten. Upon the termination of the game, we all return to our own quarters at Clark Field after having had a few tall cooling drinks with Lts. Allen and Hardwick and also Whitehead, who had been one of the players.

We had previously sent some airplanes belonging to the 93rd Squadron down to Del Monte to the Island of Mindanao and we were getting ready to dispatch some of our engineering equipment and men and set up a sort of sub-engineering depot at the field… In fact, some of our equipment had already been dispatched. Likewise, the quartermaster at Nichol’s Field had sent some motor trucks and tractors down before that. After going into a huddle with Colonel Eubank, the commander of the 19th Group, it is decided to leave our engineering personnel at Clark Field until some future time when we can set up and do business at Del Monte.