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December 20, 1941

More or less an uneventful day as the days are figured here, although we had a mild case of bombing at Nichols Field about noon today. The favorite hour for the Japs appears to be about noon, or between noon and 2 p.m. We had an epidemic of promotions today—Gen. MacArthur to full general, Gen. Sutherland to Maj. Gen., Marshall to Brig. Gen., all the Division C.O.’s to B.G.’s, special staff officers either stepped up to Maj. Gen. or made B.G.’s.

We dug up from a tramp steamer today at least 35 Bren weapons carriers and about 75 GMC trucks. A regular gold mine. We are also unearthing quantities of food and other valuable stores. These tramp steamers keep coming in—most of them headed for Hong Kong, Singapore, or other similar places. I don’t know how they get by the Japs but they come through unharmed. I hope they keep on coming for we need the cargo—particularly when motor vehicles of any kind are to be found. We are gradually acquiring quantities of motors and are organizing a motor transport service composed of civilian vehicles. Of course drivers are civilians also.