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Thursday, December 25, 1941


Got up rather late and ate very late. But so did everyone else. Starting around 5:00 am everyone was yelling “Merry Christmas”.

Before breakfast opened my three presents — two little crossed gold cannons on a pin from Anne Larchar — two pocket books, “Tales and Poems of Edgar Allen Poe” and “The Pocket Reader” from Jeanette — box of candy from Samboyd.

At 9:00 we had Christmas services led by Mrs. (Rev.) Stagg and Pastor Navarro.

After that, Margie and I just read in our bunks with the other kids. Dinner was something special with candy and other out-of-the-ordinary things. After a short siesta, we had a last-minute preparation for our pageant. At 4:30, the whole camp assembled on the hillside for the pageant, which was lovely. That night we all stayed up very late.

Manila was bombed unmercifully today – there were around 7 air raids.