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Saturday, December 27, 1941

Came in to Manila with Daddy again today. Chung came in with us. We came in late – around 9:30 and went straight to the Phil. National Bank. After sitting there for 2 1/2 hours, the air-raid started. Everyone went down to the first floor. That darn air-raid lasted 3 1/2 hours. Suddenly “Blam”! and everyone fell flattened out on the floor. After a while everyone straightened up just in time to get knocked down by another “BLAM”! I tell you, those bombs were close!! The bank is just on the edge of the river and two bombs landed direct on the Intendencia Building and Santo Domingo Church right across the river. Wow! At 3:30 the all-clear sounded. We went to the Plaza Lunch and had a perfectly super lunch.

Some friends, man and wife, of ours said that the day before they were driving home from the Plaza Lunch when one of their friends stopped them and asked them for a ride. Just as they started the motor, the air-raid blew. So they left their car and ran to a shelter. A bomb landed right where they would have been if their friend hadn’t stopped them! Whew! Close shave!

Two guys on the 6th (top) floor counted 40 bombs the Japs aimed at the piers. Every one landed in the bay — doing no harm. Ha! Ha!

Fred came up to camp this aft. again to see Harriet.