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December 30, 1941

Ramon Cabrera, a classmate, called me by phone and told me to hurry and go to the University of Santo Tomas campus where volunteers were being accepted. I decided to go to Manila and try to enlist once more. I told my father of my intentions and told him that I would not return until I had enlisted in any combat unit. Papa said nothing by way of consent. I knew that although he did not want to lose me, he wanted me to do my duty and was proud of me. I knelt before him for his blessing.

I waited for transportation the entire morning. At noon, a cousin came and informed me that signs posted in restaurants in Manila were asking Ateneo boys to volunteer. I knew right off that our Commandant, Lt. Eugenio Lara, wanted us. At last my chance to serve my country had come. Fortunately, a Prisons truck was going to Manila. I immediately bade good-bye to everyone in the house. Father Avery, Papa’s friend who happened to be visiting, also gave me his blessing.

I arrived at the University of Santo Tomas at about 4:00 p.m. and immediately made inquiries. I was told to report to our Commandant who was also at UST There I found many of my classmates and friends all dressed up in blue denim uniform, with full equipment. They were ready to set off for the South. Luckily for me, their departure the night before was held off. Three of my friends helped me pick my equipment. In ten minutes, I was ready.