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January 11, 1942

Japs have scattered all kinds of propaganda in form of printed leaflets in areas occupied by Philippine Army troops, in attempt to get Filipinos to lay down their arms. One such leaflet guaranteed the bearer safety if filled out with his name and address and presented to Japanese Army units. The Filipino soldiers tear them up and are very indignant if they find one in the hands of any Filipino. In fact it isn’t safe for a Filipino in uniform to have one in his possession. His brothers in arms might take summary action if they believed a Filipino Army soldier seriously contemplated using such a leaflet. We have had another quiet day today. Certainly the Japs must have had some use for their bombers on another front, because they have neglected us for such a long time. They have never used such a big fleet here—about 70 or 80 at the most, and that number has dwindled considerably due to losses. They must be very short of planes if it is necessary to take these few to augment air forces in an- other front. Where they are being used is a question—either at Singapore or in the NEI. There are many indications of an attack against the NEI in the near future, and Davao is being used as a base. Many Jap ships are reported there all the time. Also, Jap planes are being concentrated at Jolo. I am developing a cold, darn it, and can’t seem to head it off. This tunnel is quite damp all the time, and with the fan going, we always have a draft.