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Jan. 5-23, 1942

Constantly engaged with enemy. Both sides suffering considerable number of casualties. Enemy snipers inflicting damage to our men especially officers. Capt McCurdy D.C. killed by bomb falling near church in Abucay. Gen. MacArthur spent an hour at our C.P. told us the sky would be black with American planes (“hundreds of planes and thousands of troops”) how wrong he was. Never saw an American plane after the 10th of Jan. Worked with Raulston collecting company in the church of Abucay. Subjected to enemy bombing and artillery fire. Church struck 5 times by artillery shells in one day; the bldg and ground shook. Abucay burned to the ground by enemy artillery fire on Sunday the 18th. Everybody is looking for that help that MacArthur said was coming but most of us know that there is no help forthcoming and that we are being “sold down the river.”