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February 1, 1942

We had a flock of new promotions to General Officer today. Colonels Seals, Funk, George, Casey, and Pierce all promoted to B.G. [brigadier general]. The Calumbugan came in today with 200,000 pounds of palay which will make about 100,000 pounds of milled rice. She also brought in 34 head of cattle and some pigs. This is somewhat significant because it is the first successful attempt to get a surface craft here through the blockade. However, she didn’t run the blockade in the real sense, as she was loaded on the south side of Manila Bay in Jap territory. It was rather significant that the vendors, who were Filipinos, did not want money or checks now—apparently for fear the Japs would confiscate them. They merely wanted to be paid when the U.S. gets control of Luzon again.

The Japs are trying tonight to land additional troops at Quinauan Point and Agloloma Bay. For several days there has been noticeable movement of ships and barges along the west coast, and one attempt to land from barges was beaten off early this evening. A Jap cruiser is reported to be off shore giving protection to other boats and barges which are being assembled. Will not get the complete report on this action until tomorrow, as it will take place tonight. The front appears to be fairly quiet tonight. A Jap attack was supposed to have taken place last night, but it fizzled out. Our troops are doing better work.