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Sometime in February, 1942

When we win this Pacific war, it seems to me we will be the world’s policemen, whether we like it or not. A nation of M.P.’s, that will be us. We were caught with our breeches trailing but eventually they will be caught
up and then—oh, then! Certainly we will beat both Japan and Germany, which will leave the world for us to look after. From what the radio says, the United States had better take those Atlantic islands, the Antilles and Martinique, for Vichy France seems to be letting the Germans in there. Damn the Vichy French. Glad I never signed the consul’s roster.

Good old Leopoldo took my residence certificate along with the Filipino ones and got me a Japanese residence certificate. White people weren’t supposed to have one but this one is serving its purpose nobly. Not that the Japs bother me much about papers. I am surprised. I wish the United States wouldn’t be so ethical. Women aren’t so ethical as men. We’d win the war quickly by scratching out eyes, blowing up maternity hospitals, undermining sanitariums, operating on males. Anything to win. I think I could whip up worse tactics than the Germans or the Japs!