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February 8, 1942

An effort was made to land in the vicinity of Quinauan Point last night, but it is not yet definitely known how many came ashore. It is estimated about 75 or 100 may have landed. Our troops were looking for them and drove them off at all points except the one which is occupied by them. Our artillery fired on them and is believed to have caused considerable losses. Their Air Force was out protecting the attempt, as our Air Force caused them such heavy losses on the last attempt. The hostile artillery on the south shore of the bay did not fire today. Our artillery is supposed to have located them and opened up about 6 a.m. Possibly caught them napping. At any rate, there hasn’t been a shot fired at Corregidor all day. Our artillery (a battery of 12-inch mortars at Fort Frank) opened up on them again about 12:30 today and really poured in the shells for a short time. If the battery was there it is very likely to have been destroyed. It was reported that over 400 Japs are estimated to have been on Quinauan Point. Over 200 have been buried thus far, and there are still many bodies remaining. About 200 more at Longoskawayan Point, so the Japs have lost about 600 at those two places. It was quiet on the front again today. The Japs have pushed in a short distance in a couple of places, but our lines are holding and counterattacks are being made to straighten out the lines.