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April 1, 1942

I don’t know whether or not the Japs celebrate April Fools’ Day, but I thought it possible they might try to pull something unusual today. How- ever, they didn’t. They followed the same old routine of bombing, although I believe they are slowing up. They seem to send over fewer planes each day, and drop fewer bombs. I believe they are getting fed up with the losses they are taking.

Busy as usual today. I keep thinking the traffic over my desk will let up, but it is getting heavier. I have never seen such a variety of correspondence as passes over my desk every day—from the W.D., including President Roosevelt and Secretary of War Gen. Marshall, Gen. MacArthur, President Quezon, as well as all the normal routine of our Army, to say nothing of the Philippine Army. I don’t believe any American Army ever before was placed in a position similar to ours.