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April 5, 1942

We went to sunrise services and communion in the Father’s garden, and it was like no other church I had attended on Easter Sunday.

The hibiscus bushes around us were in flaming bloom, and it was a gay contrast to the two gloomy buildings which flanked the Fathers garden on either side. As we sang the familiar hymns, some of the Spanish priests from the seminary building watched us.

We prayed for our men in Bataan and Corregidor, and we prayed for peace.

After church, we watched and listened to the excited and delighted squeals of happy children as they scampered over the grounds hunting Easter eggs.

Catalino added a bouquet of flowers to the box of good food he sent us.

It was a hot and seemingly breathless day. After roll call we went to the patio to cool off, but the heat from the four stories of concrete walls made us feel as if we were in a huge oven.