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April 7, 1942

During the night we were awakened by the roaring sound of many planes speeding toward the west. How could we sleep after that? We knew that our hopelessly outnumbered and ill-equipped men were about to catch hell. How long could they hold out?

Yesterday Margo received a smuggled note from her husband in Bataan, and it made her deliriously happy. Throughout the day she sang the ditty her husband had written, “We are the fighting bastards of Bataan, we got no papa, no mama, and no Uncle Sam.”

But today she was pitifully depressed. She had a premonition that Bataan would fall shortly.

We wondered what the Nips were up to when they asked us to fill out the following questions they had cooked up:

Which is more responsible for the outbreak of the present war among Japan, America, or Britain?

What is your forecast of the war situation?

Will this war be a protracted one?

Will this war end in a short time?

Will this war end in a decisive victory for one party?

Do you think this war will end in an armistice instead of a decisive victory for one party?

What is the big problem common to the countries concerned after the war?

Which treatment is more humane, the treatment the local Japanese here received from the American army or the one given to the Americans and Britishers?