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April 13, 1942

Had a report from the Air Corps on their attack yesterday, but it wasn’t worth a darn as it contained no information as to results. However, I am not surprised if no results were obtained, for the bomber crews were talking in the clear all the way up from Australia, and consequently were unable to find any Jap ships yesterday for they had dispersed. We were bombed a couple of times today, but not very heavily. Our chief annoyance is hostile shelling from both sides of the bay. They were dropping them in quite close to the east entrance of the tunnel today. Our batteries go into action as soon as they spot any hostile artillery in a given area, and have silenced a number of guns.

My cold is much better today and I am back at the desk as usual. Business has fallen off to a marked degree since the fall of Bataan. About two-thirds of our correspondence came from there, or possibly more. Our remaining traffic is radio for the most part. I can’t keep very busy now, for I can’t make business as we are so isolated from the rest of the world.