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April 25, 1942

The days pass rather uneventfully, although it is rather stimulating to be caught outside when the Japs open up with their heavy artillery. I was outside today taking a sunbath when they opened up, and after two shells landed—one on each side of me—I decided it was time to get under cover. Tonight they dropped two shells at the west entrance to the tunnel. A large number of men were out there smoking, and the casualties were quite heavy. The Japs shell us at all hours of the day or night, and it is always dangerous to be very far away from cover. Planes can be heard coming, and there is always time to hunt cover, but when a shell arrives it never gives more than a second or two advance notice. Our hospital has been enlarged to provide for 1,000 beds, and it is getting filled up, although there is still ample room. We are not receiving much in the way of supplies. Some medical supplies have been flown in, and a few signal supplies, but not sufficient to meet our needs. Sent a strong radio to MacArthur today requesting they speed up signal needs or we would be cut off from world. We were heavily shelled for four hours today. Were also bombed a little, and had 250th air raid alarm.