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14 May 1942

“Exchange” Rumor weakening — It never had much sense — But hope is wonderful for Morale — So is the Holy Bible. Although weak I feel better mentally today. Sort of resigned now to the duration of the war. If the folks at home have the Courage I pray for them to have. I can get along as long as my health is OL. It must be harder on those at home than on us. It might be well while I am feeling very fit to again include how grateful I am for the parents, Aunt Margaret, sister and loved ones and friends that I have had. Mere writings cannot express the feelings I have experienced with re: to my loved ones in this war. I hope they, with me will try not to regret my decision to accept duty here where we expected trouble. If anything should happen to me mother & Dad will have enough money to live in comfort for a while. There is a list of my losses in my Army Identification card. Perhaps someday our Gov’t will make the losses good. It is too hard to write of my love for Mother, Dad, Sister, Aunt Margaret & members of our family & friends — So it will suffice perhaps, to hope that my prayers and possibly theirs may bring this horrible experience to a quick and safe conclusion. I pray not for the good time I miss as much as I pray for those I left behind. If these prayers be granted God will indeed have been good to all of us.