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May 27, 1942

It was a big day for the Nips! Navy Day!

Many pages of the morning paper were splashed with pictures of the Imperial fleet’s successes.

It was a big day for Margo! She heard from three different sources that her captured husband was well. She went about her work smiling and humming.

Passes and releases were canceled because of a drunken internee The man had applied for a pass through our own committee, but he was turned down because of his alcoholic history. He appealed directly to the Commandant, who, of course, didn’t know he was a bottle-a-day man. He was given a pass. When he returned a few hours later, he was drunk, violent, and fighting mad. After being subdued, he was taken to the hospital. The following day, for his protection as well as our own, he was sent outside to a psycho ward.

Now that bread had become more horrible-tasting and expensive, our noonday meal, which we furnished ourselves, was usually a masterpiece of ingenuity and culinary art.

To left-over boiled rice and duck egg from last night’s supper we added left-over corn-meal mush, bacon fat, and onions, and we fried this conglomeration in my trusty iron skillet. With the fresh greens Catalino sent us, I made a vegetable salad.