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June 11, 1942

Heard Pagu was transferred to San Marcelino Police Station. What is the meaning of the transfer? Will he be released? Will try to see him

Held seminar in the office. Made clear my objections to:

1. The threatening, rough, insolent manner of some minor Japanese officials. They must change their attitude if they want cooperation from us Filipinos.

2. The need for better Japanese officials in the Naric. “We want Japanese who can advise us,” I pointed out, “not Japanese whom we have to advise.”

Noticed informer Pascual taking notes of what I said. I precisely wanted him to tell the Japanese my feelings.

Radio Tokyo boasted: Japanese fleet now controls entire Pacific.

Tuned in on KGEI to find out what America had to say about the Japanese claim The radio blared:

“Git along little doggie git along…”