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July 8, 1942

We are tired of waiting for the permission to open classes, or to put it better, we are getting desperate following up our request. We have therefore decided to give special lessons on the high school level even without official accreditation. No school has yet been authorized to reopen classes, and the students are getting impatient and tired of seven consecutive months of vacation.

Very few have enrolled, however. Aside from the fact that we have a hard time making our plans known, many families can no longer afford the tuition and transportation fees. On the other hand, those who still have something left are afraid of not been able to meet the expenses.

Young people who used to be in high schools and universities are starting to retrogress intellectually. To earn a living at first they took to selling foodstuffs, cigarettes, soap, etc. With the little money they earned, they managed to support the members of their families. Now, business is being monopolized by a few people and some agencies. The studentry instead find themselves enrolled in the school of adversity.