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July 24, 1942

A report came from the Army Headquarters that a number of persons hostile to the Imperial Forces had been arrested. They were accused of connivance and cooperation with some groups which are working against those arrested were some highly-placed government officials who had pledged loyalty to the administration only for appearances but were actually coddling subversive elements. All these people were to be eliminated to the last man.

There were rumors that Quezon City Mayor Tomás Morató and his chief and assistant chief of police, as well as former Manila Mayor Eulogio Rodríguez and his son, the governor of Rizal, are among those arrested.

The report contained the terse clause: “It should be remembered by everyone that all feelings of sympathy towards the enemy, even if not manifested externally, are clearly an act of hostility to the Imperial Army.”

Rome does not judge the inner thoughts, but Homma does.