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August 25, 1942

The Japanese are raking in more and more wealth, and the poor Chinese, next to the nationals of enemy countries, are the major victims. They are gradually being dispossessed of their holdings. Aside from taking over their stores and warehouses, the Japanese are requiring them to make “voluntary contibutions” of some ₱20,000,000.00. The individual amounts vary from ₱1,000 to ₱100,000, depending on the paying capacity of the contributor.

In spite of this, the quota has not been reached. All the Chinese are required to join a Chinese association organized by the government, the membership fee of which is ₱13.00. Not one of the Chinese is enthusiastic about joining, much less, paying the dues. But the Japanese are not to be outdone. They have posted sentries with fixed bayonets at all street corners around the Binondo area. Every Chinese passerby is accosted and his certificate of membership required. All those who are unable to present one are arrested and loaded into a wagon. Hundreds of them were herded and brought to no one knows where.