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Sept. 1 to Dec. 31, 1942

Capt Caldwell got a little money thru Father Owen of San Beda College, he sent me some also some to Mrs. Wilson; Young Chase brought it, also about fifty pounds of green coffee. I think Mr. Quan K. Cheong sends both. He came to me one day and offered help. Leong Ah Whay brought us a cake and things for Xmas. The old Chinese friends help but must be careful about helping Americans; and they are having a very hard time themselves.

Arthur hustles around trying to help; gets wood, fruit and has dug coke from the cinders, earned a peso and I gave him a new peso bill for it.

I was talking to Rube Knowlton Xmas at the Market, he looked very thin and weak but was very cheerful; the morning after Xmas Fink called me before daylight, said Rube was dying. I went up to his house and he was dead when I got there. We stayed there until he was removed to funeral chapel.