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August 31, 1944

Rice today has now gone up to 60 Pesos a ganta (went up 10 Pesos in one week). Pork costs 40 Pesos a kilo, beef 30 Pesos. One can (large) of condensed milk costs 120 pesos, one egg costs P2.80. Thank goodness our ducks (8) and chickens (6) are laying. There is much hunger in Iloilo and people are beginning to show the effects of it. Don Ramon Lopez and Doña Margarita are feeding from 50 to 100 poor children a day, and since they have begun this wonderful humanitarian act, others are following his example. Don Ramon is always the leader in every undertaking which benefits mankind or animal.

Besides Mr. Lopez, the Catholic church and Baptist church have free kitchens for the poor. Iloilo and La Paz have several kitchens.