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October 31, 1944

Dolly is better this morning. She is able to take a little orange juice and retain it. She is terribly jaundiced, but it is clearing up slightly. She has lost a lot of weight and is still very weak. Jr. is getting better.

On October 29 a messenger girl came from Barotac. Rose had sent her from the farm with 6,000 Pesos for us (Japanese notes), a few eggs, salted pork and peanuts.

Conditions in Barotac are o.k. All the Japanese are gone from the town, as well as from the neighboring towns of Pototan and Dumangas.

There was some trouble in the town of Anilao. The guerrillas killed 27 Japanese soldiers, and the following day the Japanese retaliated and many civilians were killed (beheaded) while the guerrillas fled to the mountains. (Anilao is only about 7 miles from our farm).