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November 5, 1944

Air raid this morning about 8:00. This holds up work as even duty personnel must stay in nearest Bldg. when the bell is ringing.

Air raid continued all day until about 4:30 PM. Survey of all beds by order of Japanese. Survey of all books by some order – later to be split for draft.

Several AA fragments fell in the compound. A 50 caliber explosive bullet came thru the roof of Bldg. 18 and exploded on tile floor in the latrine. A small fragment of latter, gave Chap. (Maj) Dawson a very superficial insignificant burn on his arm.

Air alarm at 4:15 AM and continued until about 9:00 Am. In Bldg. # 13 there are no latrine facilities and during raids sentries permit only one or two out at a time to leave the Bldg; as there are 1055 men in this Bldg. the single line was over 3 hours long. There are no large G.I. cans in the compound, so we are attempting today to build a tin trough with a pipe leading outside.

There was a loss of 38 rations to Cos 1 & 2 of the draft last nite. We believe this occurred after the boxes of rice left the mess but cannot prove it. There is constant dissatisfaction with the mess for several reasons. There is a shortage of food-last month there was supposed to be 300 gms. of grain (corn & rice) per man per day – only 278.3 gms. were received. It has been 271 gms. the last 2 days and will drop to 251 gms. today.  there are only two meals a day as it is impossible to cook for 2226 people in this mess 3 times a day. As it is, there are 10 cauldrons and these must be used twice for each meal. The cauldrons are set in concrete, hence the fire has to be put out, while the cauldrons are washed, and than rebuilt-this for each meal. There is a constant shortage of wood also.

There is so much rank here that many seem to resent my command, and as my staff on all Co grade officers, they are resented too. Com Portz, who heads the draft, thinks Captain Nasr, mess officer poor. He (Nasr) is
outspoken, but can handle men and is working extremely hard at all times.

His mess crew is for a 500 bed hospital, not 2226 men. We usually save draft personnel as KP‘s, but there are constant complaints about dishonesty. The KP’s peel too thick or take a bite as they peel, etc. ad nauseam. Chaplain Talbot sent in a letter yesterday requesting more supplies. In the letter was a request for pants, towels and personal gear. This was sandwiched between the opening request for hosts and wine and the ending, request for red, white and blue vestments. Both chaplains are always asking for special services, for draft chaplains to help them with their various duties. etc. Would gladly swap both for one doctor or MAC officer.

There is constant theiving in the compound. Two offenders caught were put on Captain Gochenour’s digging detail, but without the double ration allowed by the Japanese to the regular members.