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December 9, 1944

Still raining – this has continued for days out for over two weeks. Steamed rice this morning – some like it and some don’t – the usual reaction. 700 pkgs. of picadura came in this afternoon making 1/3 pkg. per man. The rest (3500) packages is supposed to be in next week.

Sgt Gardner, Bldg. #11 picked up for attempting to cook rice last night (says, he swept it up in front of Japanese supply). Today, Sgt was attempting to quan rice (which he says the Japanese mess gave him), thru Lt Gamble to Lt Col Kane on officer’s ward. The new Japanese QM has not been so severe about the rice. The above named personnel were to have their tobacco held up but don’t believe we can enforce it on these cases. However, it will be held up on all thieving and other disciplinary cases including the duck case.

Someone broke into Med supply last night and straffed 3 bottles of sulfapyridine powder. We are putting on a special guard and keeping everybody out of the Bldg. between PM and AM tenko.