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December 19, 1944

Alert statue today (Japanese office). As usual the American cause 90% of their own grief. This morning, it was found that two locks had been broken and the J.O.M. supply in back of Bldg. #9 had been straffed of three 55 kg. sacks of sugar. Horano the J.O.M. was going to shake down the entire compound. He went to several wards, then to #17 (N.P. section) where Captain Winship found a patient with large box of sugar. This man Wm. A. Menna Aerag, 3/c USN, who is undoubtedly a CPL admitted to the whole job after
tenko last night – said he went over the wire fence and was back in by 8:00 PM. He had covered two sacks over with wood boxes by the quan stoves. (Sgt Handshew—Wd master) This was all returned and the man put in solitary. The corps man on duty was questioned but denied all knowledge of the theft. Mr. Kuboda passed it over because the man is N.P.

Sent in a request for the catholic chaplain to have mass each day on a different ward during “alerts.”

About 1:30 PM Captain Nogi requested three lots of drugs – each the same size as B-2 of draft drugs. This required 3 RC cases for each lot. All was ready, with quadruplicate requisitions, by 4:00 altho they wanted it by 2:30 and kept pushing us. One small case of surgical instruments and
supplies was included.

Disciplinary Actions
Name Offense Org. Sentence
West, M.L. Thieving S 1/c 5 days heavy labor 11/6/44
Van Jay, Joseph S. pvt U.S.A. 5 days heavy labor 11/6/44
Wood, George L. Pfc Army 5 days heavy labor 11/7/44
Goad, C.M. Petty Larceny Pfc “ 5 days heavy labor (deferred)