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January 25, 1970


Office of the President

of the Philippines


January 25, 1970


2:55 PM

The President must do almost everything in the government. Nothing moves unless he pushes it.

So I had to meet the student demonstrators themselves. Their speeches were getting obscene and lewd. I told them that I was sad that they could not deliver more moving speeches in more elegant language. We settled the matter but I frankly told them no release of funds until after July.

I met with the labor leaders for breakfast after the oath-taking of the new Court of Appeals Justices including Vicente Rafael, labor leader is objected to by Justice Roman Ozaeta of the Philippine Bar Association, as he (Vicente) was allegedly an undistinguished labor practitioner. Also met the extended generals who I am retiring. Gen. Sangalang says he has no truck provided that they will all be terminated at the same time. I referred the suggestion to the Sec. of Nat. Defense thru the C of S Gen. Yan.

Sec. Romualdez has his misgivings about the plan to free the rate of exchange and to allow it to seek its own level. He is worried it may plunge down too low. Dr. Zabvkar says from his experience it will not. Anyway I have ordered that we be ready with some foreign exchange to support a more stable rate and to finance the importation of essentials.