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June 1, 1972 Thursday

10:20 PM


June 1, 1972


Malacañan Palace




Imelda lost her baby at about 3:30 PM. She started having panic this morning. All internal examination showed that the uterus was larger than before pregnancy and the cervix was not open.

But without her noticing it, she expelled the placenta and the body when she was heavily sedated.

So we are preparing to bring her to the Makati Medical Medical Center.

This has come as a (not readable) to both of us. After my speech at the (not readable) and the General Staff College I rushed back to the ship but I was so (not readable) that I slept from 6:00PM to 8:30PM when we agreed to bring Imelda to the hospital tomorrow or Saturday.

As usual Chino Roces and his (not readable) (not readable) Publishing Co. PNS under Juan Mercado as mounting a propaganda campaign against me, the First Lady and now the NBI with (not readable) of planting the money in the raid on the Quintero residence, half-truths and speculations.

I attach the reports of the raiding party of the NBI headed by Asst Director Arthur Figueras showing that the raid was legal, peaceful and orderly.

A direct bribery case has been filed or will be filed by the NBI against Delegate and possibly Mrs. Quintero in Pasay.

This morning I met with the Sec. of Justice, Solicitor General, Chief State Prosecutor Gancayco, Manila Chief of Police Gen. Tamayo, his deputy Col. Jimmy Barbero, NBI chief Col. Jolly Bugarin the chief of the NBI raiding team Asst Director Arthur Figueras and Manila Police Sgt.

I directed that they take over the case of the bribery case and see to it that the (not readable) of Delegate Quintero and others who may be accused and his witnesses be protected.

Cong. Mate went to State Prosecutor Gancayco to confirm his statement under oath that was the basis for the grant of the search warrant and will now be the basis for the criminal case of bribery that will be filed.