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March 24, 2021 Wednesday

The testing team arrived at 7 a.m. Buck and I tested negative in the antigen test. Phew! Auntie Liza had an RT-PCR test. We paid P11,900 for the tests, including an extra P1,000 to expedite Auntie Liza’s result. We told the kids to stay in their room and wear face masks. This was only a precaution because, hey, Buck and I tested negative. It’s possible Auntie Liza’s test will turn out negative, too, right?

Wrong. At 8:30 pm, the testing center called to inform us that Auntie Liza had tested positive. My vision blurred in a flash of panic. I also felt a sudden headache. I’m just thankful for the security and logistical training I received from a previous job for emergencies like this. I needed to think about our logistics, organize our resources and manpower, and activate our network outside the house. I informed my current employer that a family member tested positive and I needed time off work. We also informed the condominium management about Auntie Liza’s result.

Buck immediately called the barangay hall. We needed help to find Auntie Liza a place to isolate. The person who received the call said the person in charge had gone home. He will relay the message in the morning.