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Thursday, August 4th, 1898

This is another pretty day and we all marched of promptly at 8 am up the Road towards Manila we are leaving this Road now and take the Road for Passio this Road crossis the Manila Road and runs towards the Beach. Comp C & H where stationed at the Cross Roads I was detailed with 2 others under Sergt Hagen to ocupy Outpost No 1 the rest of the Regt was stationed at Passio right back of the Natives Outpost. About noon Comp. C was ordered on to the firing line 12 men under Lt Howard where detailed on Outpost about 500 Yards ahead of us later on the rest of was detailed on different place along the line to repaire the Breast work just as soon began to get dark the Enemy and Insurgent Kept the firing up continuous but all bullets passed way over our heads showing that the Spaniards where aiming entirely to high but this made it verry unpleasant for us more so of the Outpost who where allways in great danger during all this time the Rain just poored down all the time Everyone of us was drenched to the Skin in the Morning we where relieved by the Idaho boys. christopher and Shanaberger remain on the sick List.

This is another pretty day. We all marched off promptly at 8:00 a.m. up the road towards Manila. We are leaving this road now and take the road for Pasay. This road crosses the Manila road and runs towards the beach. Companies C and H were stationed at the crossroads. I was detailed with two others under Sergeant Hagan to occupy Outpost No. 1 The rest of the regiment was stationed at Pasay right back (behind) of the native’s outpost. At about noon, Company C was ordered on to the firing line. Twelve men under Lieutenant Howard were detailed on outpost about 500 yards ahead of us. Later on, the rest of us were detailed to different places along the line to repair the breastworks. Just as soon as it began to get dark, the enemy and insurgents kept their firing up continuously but all the bullets passed way over our heads showing us that the Spaniards were aiming entirely too high. But, this made it very unpleasant for us, moreso for the outpost who were always in great danger. During all this time the rain just poured down the whole time. Every one of us were drenched to the skin. In the morning we were relieved by the Idaho boys. [Frank] Christopher and [Frank] Shanaberger remain on the sick list.