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Tuesday, Feb. 14, 1899

Manila, Luzon Island –Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo.

Our troops are now taking a respite from the tempest. The Idaho regiment returned to town for a rest. Other regiments are giving soldiers passes –that is, a few. The city looks very dull, and business very quiet. The streets are quite deserted.

Got up early this morning. Prayed over Scripture. God the Holy Ghost blessed me in my soul last night by abroad in my soul. His precious love. Praise to His dear name forever. Amen.

Cloudy weather & comparatively cool for this climate. Visitors 3. Brothers Rev. Oden & Lloyd came in from the front with their guns. The troops are required to carry arms as we are living just now in troublous times. Brother Clayton Scott called, having just been dismissed from the General Hospital. I treated Oden & Lloyd to lemonade & Scott to a lunch of lemonade & pie/ Prayed with my comrades.

Visited the post office. Rec’d a letter from Peter Kirkwood, Johannesburg, South Africa. Read some of my write-up of Philippine experiences.

Got shaved in a Spanish barber shop. Saw an extra there issued by “Freedom” announcing surrender of Iloilo to the Americans last Saturday, & that Aguinaldo has “thrown up the sponge” –run away.

Put in considerable time writing for the San Francisco War Cry; narrative of affairs down here.

The supposition that Major General Otis is awaiting the arrival of reinforcements from the U.S. before pushing the war.