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Monday, Feb. 20th, 1899

Manila, Luzon Island –Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo.

This has been a busy running around day to me. Commenced day with Bible reading & prayer. Cooked breakfast washed dishes, then started out with Rev. Chas. Owens. Went first to Imperial photo gallery (run by a Spaniard) disappointed me the 2d time re the photos (3) re the Filipino war: Said I can have the pictures tomorrow in time for the 12 noon U.S. mail.

Dropped in at the post office. Rec’d a letter postmarked San Francisco Jan’y 17th, which was written by Surgeon Fairchild & addressed to me in Manila. Crossed the ocean twice. Asked me to come out the Red Cross box –rec’d long ago & distributed for the W. Berkeley Society.

Called on the U.S. Consul re making out a power of attorney. The one already made out was wrong. Called next at office of Smith, Bell and Co, to get fares to United States via Canadian Pacific R.R. steamship line. Then on Dillson, Hermann and Co, re fares to Australia by the China
Navigation Co’s steamers. All steam lines go from HongKong.

Returned home & took some jelly, bread & lemonade for dinner. Got shaved this forenoon in a Spanish barbershop.

After dinner struck out again after having re wrote 2 Powers of Attorney. Took them to U.S. Consul Oscar F. Williams who fixed one up legally for which I paid him $3 U.S. coin. Heard a rumor from Consul Williams that the Insurrectos drove our troops back & re captured from them the Manila water works.

Leaving Williams I next visited Ker & Co’s to learn the fares to the United States via the Northern Pacific R.R. line of steamers. Then back to the Escolta fo the post office again. Received considerable paper mail & some letters — latter from Mrs. Brigadie E.S. Brengle, America Union, N.Y. She writes me re Assistant Surgeon Jr. Stuart Chaffee of the U.S. Monitor “Monandnock”. He wrote his mother (a Church Christian) that my service aboard the monitor was the first religious service he had attended since leaving San Francisco. Liked it quite well. Mother is anxious & wants me to keep after him about his soul. Christ saved him when a boy. Praise God for making the fleet meetings felt so far away.

Read 2 Houston Texas Posts. Cooked supper, washed dishes & wrote & copied 2 letters: (1) Lt-Col. Alice Lewis, giving fares from HongKong to U.S. & Australia for Commander’s guidance if I should be recalled. (2) Major Geo. Ward, S.F. enclosing the Power of Attorney for Lt-Col. Evans; (3) Lt-Col. Evans notifying him that I am sending 3 photos of Filipino war for my War Cry copy to illustrate it.

With other periodical mail I received from L.B. Armstrong, Barcelona, Spain, “El Evangelista” 50 copies, No. 181, Vol XVI. Enero Spanish –1899. Also 10 copies St. Mark’s gospel & 20 copies St. Luke in Tagalog.

On account of the rumor that the Filipinos had re-captured the Water works & the water would be shut off tomorrow I hired a Filipino to fill all my jars at 1 cent a coal oil can full. Quite a number of persons were talking about it. Rev. Owens said the Nebraska played a ruse on the natives yesterday (I think) drew them into a trap & since buried about 95 of them. Such is war. May God speedily stop this frightful work if best in His sight. I spoke to several persons today personally about salvation.