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Tuesday, February 28th, 1899

all Night everything has been unusual quiet with the Exception of the Kansas Regiment wich is now stationed near Caloogan the had quiet a Engagemnt when finaly one of their Men notised a white Flag in the far distance firing ceased imediately on both sides and the several Officer fron each Side advanced gradualy until the met theese where Spanich Comisioner who had been at Marrolos and where on their way to Manila they reported that they had seen 5 of our prisoners in Marrolu but had their Freedom in the City but to the best of their Judgment thought that the Insurgents would surrener soon chaplain Hunter and several Leuitenant of our Regt who had spent a Months Fourlough at china and Japan returned in the Morning we also recieved a serveral Mail as Taps are sounded everything is quiet on the Line and City both the Sick and wounded are getting along fine

All night everything has been unusually quiet with the exception of the Kansas Regiment which is now stationed at Caloocan. They had quite an engagement when finally one of their men noticed a white flag in the far distance. Firing ceased immediately on both sides and several officers from both sides advanced until they met. These were Spanish commissioners who had been at Malolos and were on their way to Manila. They reported that they had seen five of our prisoners in Malolos but had their freedom in the city. To the best of their judgement, they thought the insurgents would surrender soon. Chaplain [Joseph] Hunter and several lieutenants of our regiment who had spent a month on furlough in China and Japan returned in the morning. We also received mail. As Taps is sounded, everything is quiet on the line and in the city. Both the sick and wounded are getting along fine.