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August 18, 1899

Up at 6 A.M. and helped cook coffee and bacon. Started back at about 8. Immediately went through a brook waist deep, were going back a different way. Then got into the front wagon. Took off belt as hips were black and blue from the weight of the one hundred rounds. Hardly settled when “Out of that, men, natives ahead.” Doubled for one-eighth of a mile, three other men and the Lieutenant. It was a native village and was in wild confusion, but as we ran in white flags began to appear in all the windows, so there was no fight and the empty train went through. Was a most picturesque village in a tropical thicket which almost hid the houses. Lots of natives. Women beating rice or grain with wooden pestles in large earthen pots. One native in a suit of bamboo which looked like thatch. That was last excitement. Reached barracks in time for dinner at 12 Midnight. Cleaned rifle and rigged mosquito net for bunk, blanket on floor.