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Dec. 24, 1899

took a look at San Pedro, it is a small place of about 300 population.  The men wear white duck or drill trousers, an undershirt and a thin transparent shirt worn outside the trowsers.  The women wear, over a skirt, a piece of cloth wrapped around lower part of the body, a white low necked and sleeveless chemise and over it a short transparent, low necked waist with sleeves.  The Filipinos are a medium sized brown skinned race.  Their color ranges from a dark mahogany to a dark olive and they have regular features as a rule and are fairly good looking.  Broke camp and marched to the trenches about half a mi. west of the town where we pitched camp in an old abandoned cemetery and relieved the 30th who went up the river.  Was sent for water which we got from an old ruined monastery about a stones throw from the camp.  It is an interesting old place.  We have been cautioned not to wander away from camp as many insurrectors were about the country.  About 11 P.M. Tom Drew thought he saw niggers and let fly at them.  We all turned out but on investigation found he had been seeing things.  Were called out again about one and again found it was a fake.  We are supposed to guard the line from the cemetery on the west of town in a semicircle to the Pasig River on the SW.