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Feb. 17/42

While walking alone ridge back of hospital on Feb. 10th in search of a repated telegraph instrument, I met General Weaver and Staff.

Last night I ate some artificial caramel. It is made by boiling sweetened carclused mills two hours in unopened cans then cool, open can and serve. It is quite good.

Every [enemy] dropped incendiary bombs on Cabcaben Feb. 15th causing quite a few casualties among civilians.

Pvt Lawrena committed suicide by taking cyanide several days ago at medical supply depot.

Dive bombing attacks nearly every day on airfield and on Cabcaben. A Chinese cooks was killed in Mess No 1
this morning by a piece of shrapnel. Pvt Kellog was wounded in foot by another piece.

Singapore fell on Feb. 15th causing much speculation as to how it will affect our already-serious position.