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April 6, 1942

Soldiers by the hundreds, tired, haggard and hungry, passed by our command post. They gave the report that the front lines were already pierced and all was in chaos. Reports were made that Generals Lim and Capinpin were surrounded in Mount Samat. In brief, there was no more resistance in any point between the front and us. I watched and inquired eagerly for any member of the 41st, George’s regiment. I did not meet anyone. These soldiers belonged to the 42nd, 43rd, and 21st regiments. I feared that George’s regiment was entirely annihilated or possibly still holding up a useless resistance somewhere.

The sight of hundreds of soldiers passing by our command post, each man to himself, not knowing where to go, reminded me of Andre Maurois’ vivid picture of France’s defeat. My heart sank at the thought that defeat was only a question of hours away for the Philippines.