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April 9, 1942

During an air raid, we arrived here on Corregidor at noon. There are One hundred ten of us from the two Bataan Hospitals; ninety of us are nurses; the rest civilians; some of them are wives of soldiers and officers, the rest camp followers. ‘The trip has left us exhausted and nerve wracked. The roads were a seething mass of cars, trucks, tanks and soldiers on foot. There was absolutely no system-to the traffic. After much delay, we arrived at
Mariveles at six forty-five–ordinarily the drive between Hospital No. 2 and Mariveles requires about an hour–and we left the pier of Mariveles at nine o’clock. Dive bombers were over us continually until we arrived at the Corregidor piers. We are very crowded here in our lateral; at present, each bed has two occupants but we have hopes of getting separate bunks.