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April 10, 1942

The telephone lines to Bataan were cut about the time I was writing last evening so we could not phone them thereafter. We could pick up a radio message now and then indicating that the Japs had come in and taken over control. However, we have no word of the terms of surrender. The Japs must have learned early in the day that Corregidor was not surrendering, as they started to shell us. Today they bombed us again, and we have been under practically continuous air raid alarms. Our garrison here has been increased by about 2,000 to 2,500. The exact number isn’t known yet as they did not come in by organizations. We will have a total here of about 12,000.

This a.m. Gen. Wainwright had a very fine radio from President Roosevelt informing him that he was to use his best judgment in what he desired to do, and that the President had full confidence in his ability. We have no knowledge of what is going on in Bataan today. Japs attacked the island of Cebu today and have made a landing. Fighting is in progress there. About 10 transports there and some Jap warships. Looks bad for Cebu.