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6-27-44 6: a.m.

Still in the hole of this coal tub in Manila bay. We don’t know when or where we are going. 20 days without a bath. I had Malaria yesterday. My 33rd birthday was a miserable one. I have I never have another under these conditions. Young Willie Weedows died yesterday. Holitis — he was a fine little fellow, awful young. It seems like the young and the old take it pretty hard. Well, I just hope and pray that I ll make it ok, and that, it will be over soon. 9: a.m. Just got word we are unloading today. Unloaded and marched to Bilibid 6-27-44 — Shake down — lost papers rec. from., etc. Letters of Commendation surrender orders telegrams from wife claim sheet for lost and destroyed property Bill Bradfords 1st am stamps blank check book std. O. 1 Co. Notebook took sick with runs and Malaria but washed off for first time since Cebu. Good soup for supper.