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November 6, 1944

Bombing all day again today – it looks like the real thing – Rumors of landings in Luzon are current again – I wonder –

We hear Nimitz used an offensive smoke screen in his great victory –

I have heard a report about a bombing of Cologne that leaves me so shocked that I do not know how to express myself – 1000 tons of bombs dropped per minute for 90 mintues – I cannot believe it –


The City would be a waste, the people still living, insane – Even 9000 tons would be frightful – they say that the Germans started this indiscriminate bombing and that we must teach them a lesson – I know war is Hell, but I do feel this is going to far – What will be the results afterwards? Not on the Germans, but on us. The men who under orders release these bombs? I hate war!

I often think of Tony & Bill and wonder where they are and if they are still alive – It is their example that keeps me working in this camp – I miss all of you terribly – music, books and a good talk – arguments – Dad’s face at seeing the Daily Worker in the house2 – Some day, God Willing, we’ll be together again.