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November 25, 1944

Nov. 25th

Air-raid siren at 7:30 – Bombing has started.

At 4:00 PM the air raid alarm is still on – The bombing has been sporadic – The bombs somewhat heavier – Grace Park, The Port Area, and the railroad


lines & roadways leading [sic]28 of the City to the Northwest were strafed & bombed – There was some activity over Mariquina Valley to the East – The raid did not seem the type which would herald an invasion of Luzon – Still, rumors of landings are current again.

You would laugh, if you could see us picking up cigar stubs & cigarette butts, and rerolling them into cigarettes – I’ll never look down my nose again at the tramps in Central Park & the beggars in the Bowery – And I begin to understand the “sterno” drinkers along the waterfront.

The dysentery cases are getting worse in both quantity & quality – The hospital is full of them – Thank God: we have the Sulfa drugs still – I do not know what we’ll do, when we run out.

The air-raid passed signal was given at 6:30 PM, 11 hours air-raid. The second longest yet – 13 days since Sept 21st in which we have had raids – (7 since Nov.)

I have been reading “Eyeless in Gaza” by Huxley. I am enjoying it, because I believe I have hit on the right way to read it – More later about this book. Also more about “The Late George Apley.”