November 28, 1944

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Nov. 28th

Still in bed – The pathologist says the dysentery is worse – Still miserable – Thank God we have had the Flexner bacillus here and not the Shiga bacillus!

No action all day – Very few rumors – everyone depressed –

Tonight it was announced there will be no more coconut milk – As I mentioned before, the loss in calories is not important. But the loss in palatability is very great –

Cigarettes came into camp today – who will get them?

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10 November 2020

We left Legaspi City at 4:30 am and safely reached Manila at 4:15 pm.

9 November 2020

Our flight was cancelled again due cloudy weather in the Bicol Region. The rest of the assessment team decided to travel back

8 November 2020

In the morning, we were supposed to return to Manila via the plane we took going to Virac but it was cancelled