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November 29, 1944

Last night was quiet, but my thoughts and prayers were for that poor unfortunate, who is still in the ditch.

This morning Coné talked with the mayor about the burial of this man. Mayor Ybiernas called the Military Police and they gave us permission to bury him. The president of the Neighborhood Association made arrangements with the caretaker of the cemetery, and he was buried this afternoon. Just before the burial, we heard two shots and on looing out we saw black smoke several blocks away. The USAFFE had set on fire a house that the Japanese had formerly lived in. The Japanese were alert – the sentry left the rooftop, and soldiers took their position in the trenches.

A short while later we saw a large number of soldiers go towards the cemetery (about 5 blocks away). On each side of the road to the cemetery are rice fields and behind the cemetery are coconut groves. We continued watching them till we lost sight of them.