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May 30, 1970


12:20 AM

May 30, 1970

Imelda is depressed that we have had no children after Irene. She was overdue since the 13th but on the 25th had it. Since then she has been feeling frustrated. But everything depends on God. If He wills it we will have more children. And we will take all the necessary medical measures to have some more. I would like to have another son.

And I am at my healthiest. I am healthier now than I was at forty years.

There is a slump in the stock market in the U.S. affecting all the other countries and including the Philippines. This is the time to buy. Even Benguet Consolidated has gone down to Five Dollars but today went up to Six Dollars. So when I was asked for advise, I said that now is the time to buy.

We must develop our mining industry. And everybody is looking for mines. Chino Roces and Max Soliven have written the Human Rights Commission that we violated the Declaration of Human Rights in deporting the Yuyitongs. So the Sec. of Foreign Affairs must answer this communication.

Max Soliven is a frustrated politician who would like to go back to the district of his father and follow on his footsteps but cannot. He is taking it out on me. Chino Roces is a naive and weak little tyrant who wants to control presidents and be kowtowed to.